No membership is required to dance at World Dance Masters events. All of World Dance Masters' run and sanctioned events are open to all dancers who pay the registration fees for the respective event (subject to qualification criteria for the event and division registration as per the rulebook).
If there is no qualifying competition in your country of residence (i.e. where you currently live) then you do not need to qualify to dance at European Dance Masters or World Dance Masters Championships. For example, if you reside in Germany and there is no German Masters event then you may attend and compete at European Dance Masters and World Dance Masters Championships without qualification.
You should register to dance in the age division for your age (unless you have been given a dispensation to dance in different age division - see below). World Dance Masters may choose to combine divisions where there are fewer than 3 competitors registered (for instance, Platinum age division ages may be combined with Gold age division).
If you would like to request to dance in a division or age category that you are currently not eligible for or you cannot meet the qualification criteria for this dance year, you will need to request a dispensation. Dispensations are only granted in exceptional circumstances so you must provide supporting evidence for your request. Dispensations can be requested by emailing us through our Contact Us page found in the navigation.

Please read the rules carefully before your first World Dance Masters competition of the new dance year. Key changes include the addition of a section on Solo Movement Limitations, changes to Pro-Am where dancers will now register as Leader or Follower (and not based on gender), and clarification on eligibility to dance in the Starter division. Please read thoroughly for all rule changes.

The World Dance Masters Rule Book is a short PDF document of all the rules used for our worldwide competitions. All competitors must read and understand the rules before the first competition. If there are any questions about the rules, please use the Contact Us form and make a Competition Query.