Ulster Masters 2021: Registration Open!

World Dance Masters

11 October 2021

We are excited to say that registration for Ulster Masters 2021 is now open! You have until 5 November to register to dance.

We are keeping careful track of the coronavirus restrictions in Northern Ireland as we plan to host Ulsters 2021. The Northern Ireland Executive recently announced plans to remove restrictions that would have made it difficult to run the event. While we learn more about the extent of this new guidance, we are feeling more confident we can host the event as planned and as such, are opening registration.

At this stage, we are working hard to finalise our venue. We currently have several on hold as we understand more about the final guidance. We’ll announce the venue for Ulster Masters 2021 within the next 2 weeks.

Risk Mitigation

Of course, we understand that coronavirus has not disappeared and it is important we think about the health and safety of you, our spectators, and our staff. We will undertake a risk assessment prior to the event and we will have recommendations to all attendees to help us mitigate risk.

We are well-practiced in this process, having done a similar exercise for Worlds, which was held in August. Attendees could expect a similar risk mitigation policy for Ulsters. We will release this in the week prior to the event.

In the unlikely event we can’t run the competition due to new or more detailed guidance from the Executive, all registration fees will of course be refunded. We would aim to do this within 14 days of any cancellation notice.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to the first competition of the new dance year!