WDM23: Competitor Registration List

10 June 2023

The competitor registration list for World Dance Masters 2023 is here!

We feel like we say this every year at the moment, but it is officially the busiest WDM ever! We have dancers from all over the world flying into Blackpool to compete for a World Championship title. Thank you for your support of WDM and of each other.

You will find a link to the competitor registration list below. It is really important that you check this carefully as many aspects of the event rely on accurate information.

Any amendments must be received no later than 14 June.

  1. Check you are actually registered! If you don’t see your name, please email us through the website here.
  2. Make sure you are in the correct division and the country you are competing under is accurate! As per the WDM rules, some divisions may have been merged.
  3. Ensure your name is spelt correctly. This is really important as it will be printed on the commemorative merchandise and any mistakes after 15th June will not be amended.

Choreography Competition registration is open until 15 July and is not covered on this competitor list.

Don’t forget, you have until 15 June to pre-order any commemorative clothing (click the link) you may want (with your name on the back!). After this date, we’ll be moving to production and will have only a handful of spares at the event.