Win a WDM Ambassador Membership!


17 August 2021

This year, we launched the WDM Ambassador Membership to provide a way to support an increase in event costs with fewer attendees, giving those that could a way to pay upfront for their event tickets for 2-years (a benefit worth up to £840!). We thank all those that became members for the first time ever. Your support is greatly appreciated. Your cards have just been ordered and you can expect a letter for WDM in early September.

We knew when we launched this that not everyone would be in a position to support in this way, even if they wanted to. So as promised, we are now launching our contest so you can win a WDM Ambassador Membership worth a massive £840 over two years (the full list of benefits is below).

In order to enter, all you need to do is answer the question correctly and pay your entry fee (£10). You can enter as many times as you want to or can afford!

Every penny that is raised via this contest will go towards helping World Dance Masters continue to run events, even with limited capacity, where we can in the coming year. As always, your support is most gratefully received.

This card provides:

Free full access ticket to World Dance Masters in Blackpool for 2 years (2022/2023 or 2023/2024 if you already have a ticket for 2022), including priority entry to the ballrooms each day, an invitation to a special champagne celebration with the WDM Team during the event, and early access to the table reservation service at a reduced cost of 50% (total value £350 over 2 years).

Free full access ticket to European Dance Masters in Ireland for 2022, 2023, and 2024 (total value £195 over 2 years).

Free entry to all World Dance Masters organised qualifying events (value £15 per event).

An annual credit of £40 to use towards World Dance Masters merchandise.

An annual private lesson with a World Dance Masters Judge for one dancer.

The value of the membership per year is between £285 for a spectator who attends our bigger events and £420 for a competitor who attends several qualifying events plus our big championships. With the 2-year membership costing £500, that’s up to a £340 saving on paying for each pass or item individually.

Most importantly to us, you’ll also be supporting our team by helping us deliver on our events in a period where demand will be slowly re-built after the pandemic. Your direct investment will ensure World Dance Masters continues to thrive and deliver line dance events that are unparalleled in value and professionalism.

Thanks to each and every one of you for how you support World Dance Masters through the good and tough times.