World Dance Masters 2021 – WDM21 Photographs Now Available!

World Dance Masters

5 September 2021

We had a fabulous photographer in attendance, the wonderful Colette Langton Photography, during WDM21 and we’ve finally managed to get all the photos online for your viewing!

You can find the details below. Just click the image for which day you’d like to review and scroll through the Album to view all the images. If there are images you really like, we are happy to offer the ability for you to purchase these in their original high-resolution form. The high-resolution files are perfect for printing and I’m sure many of them will make fantastic gifts!

Click an image below to go to the Album

WDM21: Friday Competition - MyAlbum
WDM21: Saturday Competition - MyAlbum
WDM21: Sunday Competition - MyAlbum
WDM21: Sunday Awards - MyAlbum
WDM21: Friday Night - MyAlbum
WDM21: Saturday Night - MyAlbum

How To Find Your File Names

When ordering your high-resolution photos, you will need to send us the file name of each photo during the ordering process. In order to find the file name for your image, please follow the screenshots below.

Open the Album
Find the picture you like
Click on the image to enlarge it. You should see a small “i” icon in the top corner. Click on this icon
The information box will open. Make a note of the ‘filename’ and add this to your order on the WDM Shop

How To Order High Resolution Images

You can order the high-resolution version of any image through the WDM Shop. The images you receive are high-quality and can be used for print. If you’d like to use your pictures in print, we recommend Photobox UK.