Worlds 2021: Risk Mitigation & Mandatory Attendee Information

World Dance Masters

17 June 2021

We had a great in-person meeting with the Winter Gardens this week and are feeling even more excited about having many of you back with us for the first time in 2 years. With new rules and capacity restrictions, Worlds will be a different experience than you are used to, but it will be amazing all the same! If you can’t attend in person, please consider supporting the instructors and judges by joining us virtually (every penny goes towards helping us pay for the event).

After our meeting, we launched the first draft of our risk mitigation document. When running events at the moment, plans for how to minimize the risk COVID poses need to be created. The more risk mitigations considered and implemented in collaboration with Blackpool Council, the safer the environment for everyone. You can read the risk mitigation document on our Worlds COVID page and we absolutely welcome additional ideas or questions!

In preparation for the event, we need to gather some additional information from all attendees. This information is mandatory in order to comply with the current government and venue guidelines and we must have an accurate list of information for all guests (staff, competitors, spectators, and non-dancing youths over the age of 5).

We require contact details, the number of people from your household that you may be attending with, and whether you are exempt from wearing a mask. We are also asking whether you are vaccinated against COVID. Whilst highly unlikely, we are asking this in case the government requires events to show proof of vaccination or a negative test. This is an optional question but will help us prepare for all eventualities.

To confirm, the form below is mandatory for all attendees. If we don’t have this information in advance, you will not be allowed to enter the event and your ticket will be cancelled. Don’t worry – the deadline is 24th July and they’ll be plenty of email reminders from us 🙂

Did you purchase a ticket from a dancer or friend and change the name on the ticket? You may not find your name in the system below. Please reach out to us via the contact us form with the original ticket holders name and your name and will help getting this fixed.

27 June: Starter / Tiny Tots / Rugrats dancers are now in the system. Your name will be input as per the registration list. You will be issued a ticket once this form has been completed so please ensure you can access the email address provided as the ticket will be required to enter the event.

This form is closed.