Worlds 2021: Planning for 19 July COVID Restrictions

World Dance Masters

13 July 2021

UPDATE 13 JULY: During yesterday’s confirmation that the lifting of restrictions will be proceeding as planned on 19 July, the government provided recommendations that nightclubs and ‘large events’ use COVID certification or proof of negative test as a means of entry to the venue. While we don’t believe our event is of the size that would mandate this requirement, as a government-owned venue, the Winter Gardens may ask us to abide by this guidance.

We are waiting to hear from the venue on this matter but as a precaution, we encourage those who are fully vaccinated to get official proof via the NHS COVID Pass (click for link) just in case, as it may take up to 7 days for the NHS to provide proof. Those travelling from Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland should follow their government guidelines to obtain proof. Those who are not vaccinated and over the age of 16, or travelling from a different country, may need proof of a negative lateral flow test via the NHS app or another provider (which we are already actively encouraging for all guests).

We’ll update this page and announce on our social channels if this is a direction we need to follow.

This week, the UK Prime Minister announced the government’s intentions for the easing of COVID restrictions in England on 19 July. In essence, the government will be moving away from state-mandated restrictions to one of personal informed decisions on how to manage risk.

While this is positive news in that it helps us provide a better experience for World Dance Masters 2021, we are very conscious that the risk hasn’t disappeared, and as an organisation, we have a responsibility to your safety and therefore we still have a high level of expectation on all guests to help keep your fellow dancers, our staff, and yourselves safe.

We are encouraged by the measures we are putting in place vs what the government would expect and, combined with the high 82% vaccination rate of our attendees so far, we feel confident that if we all look after each other, World Dance Masters 2021 will be a safe experience for all.

Some of the key measures that will be in place for World Dance Masters 2021 include:

  • To allow sufficient dance floor space, the Empress Ballroom & The Arena will host social workshops in the day and social dancing during the evening. The Spanish Hall will be used to host the World Dance Masters Competition. The Pavilion will be used as an area for those that feel they would like more space and will stream the live workshops from the Empress Ballroom.

  • Mask wearing will still be expected in public areas and when sat at tables or seats in more crowded areas (unless eating or drinking). Anyone exempt from mask wearing must request a specially issued WDM lanyard via the Mandatory Attendee Information Form which must be always worn while in the venue. It will be an event policy, even if the government doesn’t legally mandate mask wearing, and we reserve the right to remove people from the event who do not follow our rules.

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the venue, and we will actively encourage and promote the sanitizing of hands throughout the day.

  • Every attendee must fill out the Mandatory Attendee Information Form and any tickets where we do not have a form filled in will be cancelled prior to the event. No tickets will be available to purchase on the door.

  • Attendees will be strongly encouraged to take a lateral flow test prior to attending the event. All attendees will be asked health questions upon arrival at the ballroom. WDM Staff will take lateral flow tests each morning.

  • We will increase ventilation across the ballrooms as much as possible, including the mechanical ventilation system on full capacity and doors and exits opened to allow additional airflow.

  • The seat you take when you arrive each day will be the seat you maintain for the whole day. You will be able to move to other rooms to take workshops or watch competition, but you won’t necessarily be able to be seated. We will ask that groups that want to sit together arrive together as tables will not be able to be reserved. Tables and seats will be sanitized during afternoon breaks and overnight.

  • We will have multiple wristband collection stations open to mitigate crowds at the start of the event and will open Thursday afternoon and early on Friday morning.

  • We will eliminate the use of paper as much as possible, including printed programmes and schedules, to reduce the risk of transmission via handling. All schedules and dance requests will be conducted via the internet with QR codes available on each table. Public WiFi will be available across the venue.

  • Where possible, we expect people to maintain distancing, particularly when travelling around the ballrooms. Common courtesy will be expected, including maintaining a level of personal distance on the dance floor.

  • We’ll be supplying ‘Happy to Hug’ and ‘Space Appreciated’ badges so you can show your personal preference to your friends and fellow dancers. We will ask everyone to display common courtesy to anyone wearing a ‘Space Appreciated’ badge and ensure they are provided ample distance when dancing and moving around the ballroom.

  • Competition preparation and staging areas will be carefully managed. Only those due to dance will be permitted in the staging area and preparation area. Competitors are strongly encouraged to prepare for the contest as much as possible in their accommodation as space will be limited.

We’ll be releasing a document on all the procedures for WDM21 once the new government guidance is 100% confirmed and we have aligned with the venue. We expect to release this around 21st July.

Together, we can make World Dance Masters 2021 an amazing experience and be together again for the first time in 18 months. We want to express our thanks in advance for all attendees working together to ensure the safety of all dancers and we appreciate your support as we navigate an unprecedented year.

We have released a few more tickets due to cancellations, so if you would still like to attend the Social element of the event, please sign-up using the links below.

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